The engine is the simplest electric machine to achieve mechanical energy by transforming electric power and the induction motor is the most used among all types of engines because it combines strength, great versatility of application and low cost Gates A74 Hi-Power II Belts. The most common types of electric motors are DC motors, which are motors that require a DC source, or a device that converts alternating current to DC. Its speed can be adjusted according to the applied voltage. This motor has its use in applications that require high starting torque (such as electric traction) and speed control over large ranges, especially at high power. Due to the need for a direct current source, its cost is high.

AC motors are motors that have their power supplied through an alternating current source. They can be classified as asynchronous (induction) and synchronous. Synchronous motors have a fixed speed and their application is quite limited due to the high cost. Induction motors are applied in the vast majority of applications that need electric motors.