For example, if the restaurant is Italian, you must know Italian. The spelling and
grammar of the menu in the language of the cuisine represented there must be
impeccable. If you find an error, go away. Another way to tell if a restaurant is
good is to look at descriptions of famous dishes. There are dishes that should
not deviate from the standard, so if there is any change in the recipe, it is
probably not good. Another thing that bothers me, but I don’t think I can do
anything about it, is when a restaurant gives a dish a double name.
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For example, “Sandwich Panini”. What?! Do you know what “Panini” means? And if
not, why for the love of all that is sacred on earth are you using the
word? “Panini” means sandwich, so, translating, what’s on the menu means
“Sandwich Sandwich”. Is that really what you want? A sandwich sandwich?
I’ve owned a restaurant and I say that if a small cafe has a menu of several pages,
chances are that many of the ingredients used in the preparation are frozen.