Renovating the environment is very good for improving the climate and a good way to change
the place is to paint the walls. The aged stripes effect on the walls can transform your home!
The wall with aged stripes, in addition to promoting a beautiful contrast to the environment,
also enhances small spaces leaving them with a larger appearance.
To make this transformation it is necessary to plan well what you really want, such as
gathering the necessary paint colors, in which room you intend to do it.
See how to do it, following our step-by-step instructions:
Step 1: Apply two coats of Coral Sahara Sand paint along the entire length of the wall and
allow it to dry.
Step 2: Use the ruler to mark three areas on the wall with masking tape in the vertical
Lexington paint and pour
Step 3: With the aluminum spatula apply the Ancient Relic color in areas 1 and 3, leaving a
“missed” effect. In area 2, apply the Tangerine Popsicle color. Wait for it to dry and remove the
Step 4: Apply more masking tape to the areas with Ancient Relic and Tangerine Popsicle paints.
That way there will be more stripes.
Step 5: Again with the aluminum spatula, apply the Root Music color paint in areas 1 and 3,
maintaining the flaw effect. Then apply the Areia do Saara paint again in area 2 (failed effect).
Remove the tape after it dries.
Step 6: Create new stripes with masking tape.
Step 7: Using a brush, apply the Ancient Relic paint again. Wait for the ink to dry and remove
the tape. Ready! Your wall has a new look!