Best italian restaurant in sandy springs
Montechiaro Cantina
Cantinha Montechiaro was founded in 1974 and has established itself as one of the most
traditional addresses of good Italian cuisine in the city of São Paulo. The veal shank and the
ravioli stuffed with apricot, brie and walnuts are some of the highlights of the menu.
Montechiaro Cantina
Address: R. Santo Antônio, 844 – Bela Vista
Phone: (11) 3259-2727
Cantina of Piero il Vero
Located in Haddock Lobo, in Jardins, the traditional Cantina do Piero, opened in 1990, has as
its creator the experienced Piero, who died in April 2012. Despite several open units, the only
one that belongs to the family is that of the Jardins region and L’Osteria do Piero, which has
Jefferson Puppo, the partner and son-in-law, known as Fininho, at his command. Among the
most requested recipes, we highlight the successes of the pasta produced by hand in the
canteen such as Penne à Molho Silvio Lancelotti; Tagliarini to Mastroti; Macalu de Frutos do
Mar. In the meats, the Film a Parmegiana, the Rear Lamb Leg, among others.