Preventive servomotor maintenance is performed with encoder positioning adjustments, as well as making adjustments to a whole, so as not to cause any unwanted stoppage of the motor . Preventive servomotor maintenance is a very specific service and it is vital that the consumer seeks a company that has extensive experience in the field of preventive maintenance of electric motors and servomotors maintenance, as well as with qualified and competent professionals who are prepared to provide the best result.

The purpose of preventive maintenance in servomotor is to make the possibilities of breaking the machine are minimal, as this would cause some kind of loss in relation to the productivity of the company. Even if this maintenance changes in relation to the type of operation of each company, there are several things that are part of any preventive servomotor maintenance strategy, such as regular testing, periodic adjustments, replacement of worn parts and cleaning routine. The electronic timing points are checked so that they work again in the best possible way and guarantee excellent accuracy.