Italian restaurants in alpharetta ga downtown
Customers place orders and pick up on the spot. Prices are the same as the
restaurant menu. And the delivery menu is reduced and consists of the dishes with
the highest outputs. The best sellers at the restaurant: Casquinha de Siri, shredded
peach palm salad, fresh tuna and green leaves, grilled squid and grilled hake with
sote potatoes. At delivery there are versions of individual dishes as well. As each
week will have different promotions. At the moment Dalmo has created two
promotions: “Doublé Casquinha de Siri” the customer orders 1 and receives 2 units,
and also with a system of combos, for example: Combo: (Food + Drink) with a 10%
discount. Dalmo Bárbaro’s units: São Paulo – Itaim Bibi, Enseada Guarujá and Rio
Santos. For those who are at home avoiding the spread of the virus, the restaurant
offers promotions on its menu in the main delivery apps. At UberEats, the
promotion of Hamburger + Stella Artois or Coca Cola is available. At Rappi, all
snacks such as Burger, French fries and Crevette, Monsieur and Madame croques,
the house’s flagships, are with 20% discount on in-app purchases.